Anglia Ruskin: Semester one: Observational Drawing

My first Semester at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge over the winter months, involved solid observational drawing. We battled the elements with our sketchbooks in hand to develop our skills and learn new techniques.

I used a variety of media during this term, and tried to experiment with new ones including dip and brush pens. We were also encouraged to think about tone and perspective, and try to draw people in motion in order to learn to draw more freely.

Here is a selection of sketches from my sketchbooks over those few months.

Sarah Underwood 1IMG_9808Sarah Underwood 3Dippy Nat His MusIMG_9815



IMG_9774IMG_9768IMG_9765IMG_9046IMG_9039IMG_9036IMG_8784IMG_9043IMG_9791Colour theory loveIMG_9003-0IMG_9034IMG_8080IMG_8497IMG_8995IMG_8740IMG_8026IMG_8161IMG_8156IMG_8954



Sarah Underwood 2

IMG_8513IMG_8735IMG_8720IMG_8729IMG_8540IMG_8740IMG_8494Bird sketches sm

Sarahunderwood_sketchbook image. sketchbook 17sketchbook 23sketchbook 10sketchbook 9sketchbook 8sketchbook 26 sketchbook 7sketchbook 6sketchbook 1sketchbook 2sketchbook 3sketchbook 4


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