As you can tell, I love drawing. Drawing is what I do, every day. To be a children’s book illustrator, my dream job, you have to be good at creating characters and drawing animals, in character. So whenever I have free time, I draw different animals and learn about their lives and environments to give me ideas for stories but also because animals are amazing and I love them. I set myself briefs like the Marsupial project below and play around with colours which can also spur ideas later down the line.

To follow are a selection of my animal drawings, some real, some imagined from my collection.

Crow smsnailCat2Bruno the bearJasper Low

Animal studies

Animal studies

Monkey study

Monkey study

The Birds
mouse in forest final lowtiger face big scan copytiger face 2 big sc finaltiger face 3 big scan copyCamilla portfolio layout lowowly moth 660pxpartidge correct sizebutterfly painted 660pxBRUNO SWIMMING lowMarsupial recordv lowMarsupials A2 portrait final low The Marsupials LowBird sketches sm


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