A selection of work from my sketchbooks working in paint to create experimental patterns, texture and colour combinations

peach mushrooms orange spots pastel light pink green mushrooms greeny spots grass green spots water 3 blue waves turquoise spotsgreens water 2 bright green spots blue mushrooms green leaves pink leaves turquoise letters calm leaves purple leavesspace worms watery bright stripes night time purple shocking shock Mushrooms pink stripes purplee clash gold wormslight purple leaves monster regal space wormspink royalty print clash shock blue 2 mushrooms pink purple bright stripes blue leaves dark leaves rainy days 2 seaside stripes dark blue letters rainy days pink swirls kings and queens pink clouds multi 2 lollies and icecream daisies 2 bright green spots green plants leaves 3 greeny spots grass green spots arty swirls green swirls green trees leaves 4 purple plantsmulti leaves2 future plants dark turquoise letters bloody leaves brown mushrooms pink letters daisies dark leaves daisies 3 dark plants bright green swirlsgreen spots space wormswater dark blue mushrooms turquoise spotsblue letters green swirls

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