Go Rhinos! Submission for Marwell Wildlife park’s rhino trail 2013

For 10 weeks this summer Go! Rhinos will be a trail of 3D rhino sculptures showcasing the wealth of artistic talent in Southampton and the surrounding area, and I’m pleased to announce the submission of my design into the project.

The brief was to create a design which will be painted onto a 6 x 5ft Rhino to raise awareness for this endangered species whilst remaining relevant to Southampton and the businesses therein.

The trail will attract thousands of people to the city and encourage local residents to be ‘tourists in their own town’ – highlighting some key landmarks and parks, as well as areas of development and regeneration.

With these rhinos being seen dotted around Southampton, in summer; I thought it would be particularly nice to take a subject with is quintessentially English and summery as my theme – hence cricket. The rhino’s back is also a large enough canvas to hold the pitch; which I hope will be a nice splash of green for an urban setting.

I hope you find it a fun and playful piece – which is what I think childrens’ illustration ought to be. The piece is called ‘Run Out’ – a little cricket tribute, but also a reminder that time is scarce for not just rhinos but a host of species important to the ecosystems in which they live.

rhinofinal design layout without text low


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